The Appaloosa pattern is seen in a vast number of colors and combination of colors. There are a lot of variations in coat patterns from a solid color with a few spots to a pattern with so many spots you can’t count them all. In the real world, registered Appaloosas can have no spots at all. But for my purpose here, these painted horses all have spots. The Appaloosa coat pattern can be seen in many different breeds.

Spicy Story. Customized from a Breyer factory model.
Mad Dog ’66
Summer’s Breezin’ By
Do A Little Dance
Ghost. A portrait horse.
Ants In Ma Pants
Edition name: Hearts Afire. Sculpted by Kathleen Moody.
Edition name: Yucky. Sculpted by Chris Jolly.
Edition name: Parrs Dream Doll. Sculpted by Carol Williams.
Edition name: Whiplash. Sculpted by Carol Williams/Chris Nandell.
Etched Breyer factory model.
Custom painted Breyer factory model.
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